at The Goodman Theater

Music and Lyrics by Alan J. Lerner | Original Book by Frederick Loewe
Revised Book by Brain Hill | Directed by Rachel Rockwell

“And finally there’s Rhett Guter, who I found mesmerizing in Gypsy earlier this year, playing Harry Beaton, the one Brigadoon inhabitant who wants to escape the village. Guter continues to show what a hot, exciting musical theater talent he is, impressively and breathtakingly leading  “The Sword Dance” (which, you got it,  requires the male dance ensemble to dance and leap and pirouette and do all kinds of brilliant yet difficult stuff across crossed swords, also showing what those Scots wear under those kilts, ahem), DeMille’s most significant piece for the musical.”

— From The Ledge

“Rhett Guter, so brilliant as Tulsa in CST’s recent production of “Gypsy,” dazzles as the moody Harry Beaton. His dancing skills are put to the test in the full-cast production number, “I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean,” beautifully sung by Mr. Brown. However, where Mr. Guter truly shines is in the “Sword Dance” and the wedding reel that conclude Act I, as well as with his athletic dexterity exhibited in Act II’s “The Chase.”

— Chicago Theatre Review, Colin Douglas

“(Rhett Guter), Jean’s former beau, whose brooding unhappiness bursts into dangerous rebellion during Jean and Charlie’s wedding celebration. His sense of grievance, when it threatens to destroy the spell that brings the village to life, will ultimately cost him his life.”

— The New York Times, Charles Isherwood

“With a very strong male contingent, highlights like the “Sword Dance” and “I’ll Go Home with Bonnie Jean” were extraordinary; especially the ballet expertise of Rhett Guter as Harry Beaton, the role made famous by Edward Villella.”

— The Rock River Times

“In sharp contrast is the fiercely thrilling “Sword Dance,” performed at Jean’s wedding by the powerful Rhett Guter as Jean’s rejected suitor, Harry.”

— Chicago Reader

“Rhett Guter, who impressed as Tulsa in Chicago Shakespeare’s Gypsy earlier this season, dances the heck out of his role and handles well enough the demands of playing the jilted lover about whom we’re told little except that he lost Jean to Charlie and is very unhappy about that.”

— Talking Broadway

“The rejected Harry’s no longer containable distress is translated by Guter into explosive physical fury. The townsfolk are completely involved here, as Harry spits threats that endanger all of spellbound Brigadoon.”

— Chicago on the Aisle

“Guter’s inconsolable Harry Beaton is particularly adept at deepening his character with movement; his torment is never so evident as it is during the thrillingly precise Sword Dance, when a bottomless wellspring of rage and sorrow comes leaping to the surface.”

— Theater Mania

“Rhett Guter as Harry and Katie Spelman were athletic and lyrical in their Scottish sword dances.”

— New York Arts Journal